Thomas Massie Champions National Sovereignty While Most of His Colleagues Remain Staunch Globalists

It doesn’t take PhD level analysis to realize that the United States is a shopping mall with nukes. The US ruling class’s commitment to mass migration and perpetual warfare says it all. 

On top of that, there are many people who want the US to be under the suzerainty of unelected, non-governmental bodies staffed by people from an assortment of foreign nations who often hold hostile interests to the US. 

In previous epochs, most reasonable Americans of all political inclinations would reject similar political arrangements. However, things have radically changed over the past century as the US’s political culture has transformed into a universalist monoculture. 

There’s a scarcity of political leaders who stand up for national sovereignty these days. But on April 20, 2022 Massie tweeted that “The United States is a Sovereign country. Constitutionally, we are NOT accountable to the United Nations, any global organization, or any country, and never can be. I will vehemently oppose any attempt to replace this order with one that subjects US citizens to foreign influence.”

There’s only a handful of politicians who genuinely believe in national sovereignty in Congress. Massie has made upholding traditional American values of liberty and foreign policy restraint a part of his legislative repertoire.

Since the Russo-Ukrainian War broke out,  Massie has come in clutch by voting against legislation that stiffens sanctions against Russia and exposing NATO as an entangling alliance.

These days, calling for a retrenched foreign policy that upholds American interests and makes it less susceptible to being co-opted by supranational bodies is a rare trait among politicians. 

If we want a saner foreign policy and policies that enhance national sovereignty, there needs to be dozens of Thomas Massies in Congress. At the present, DC is a globalist uniparty when it comes to foreign policy. It’s a number’s game at the end of the day.