Thomas Massie Crushes His Primary Opponent

On June 23, 2020, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie thoroughly defeated his primary opponent Todd McMurty in the primary race for Kentucky’s 4th district.

Massie won his race by a 88-12 tally.

Heading into the night of June 23, this was one of the most anticipated races.

Massie gained controversy for requesting a roll call vote on the $2 trillion CARES Act which was filled with all sorts pork spending.

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The GOP establishment looked to attack Massie by propping up a flaccid candidate like McMurtry,

Massie’s challenger received an endorsement from the Republican Jewish Coalition, which took issue with Massie’s foreign policy restraint.

With primaries out of the way, it appears that Massie will cruise on to victory in the General Election in November.

The President of Young Americans for Liberty Cliff Maloney had a colorful description for Massie’s victory.

He tweeted the night of Massie’s victory, “a MASSIE-cre occurred in Kentucky tonight @repthomasmassie #SassyWithMassie #MakeLibertyWin.

Massie’s victory secures a strong America First adjacent elected official who will stand up for border security and oppose all forms of interventionism abroad.

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