Thomas Massie Endorses Anthony Sabatini

Liberty conservative and America First populist members of Congress have a sixth sense for recognizing candidates who will emulate their pro-liberty stances.

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini has been the most vocal elected official at the state level. His relentless push for grassroots populist issues such as Constitutional Carry and an immigration moratorium has earned him a strong reputation among America First populist circles nationwide. 

Sabatini’s body of work has also won him respect in liberty conservative circles. 

In fact, Sabatini received one of the most prestigious of liberty conservative honors on April 27, 2022 when Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie endorsed his congressional campaign. 

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Sabatini tweeted, “BREAKING: @RepThomasMassie has officially ENDORSED my campaign for U.S. Congress, FL-7!

Massie is the STRONGEST conservative in Congress, the Chairman of the 2nd Amendment Caucus, & is Fauci’s worst nightmare Support my #AmericaFirst campaign here


Massie is the most principled liberty conservative in the United States House. He can always be counted on to push for free market reforms such as holding the Federal Reserve accountable, restoring the Second Amendment, and calling for a restrained foreign policy.

The Kentucky Congressman is a true free thinker who is willing to buck the status quo and be alone in voting against the DC Swamp, just like his predecessor Ron Paul used to do when he was in Congress.

Receiving an endorsement from the likes of Massie is a sign that Sabatini is on the right track. Hopefully, more freedom-minded members of Congress endorse Sabatini and start stumping for him on the campaign trail. 

Sabatini is going to need all the help he can get in his campaign to assume higher office in Florida’s 7th congressional district.