Thomas Massie Explains Why Democrats are So Fanatically Anti-Russia

Uncomfortable truths have to be told in politics if people want to see any meaningful change. It’s how we get to the bottom of things and find solutions to the very real political problems we face. 

Few politicians are willing to speak these truths, but when they do, everyone loses their minds. 

Right now, the world is in a sensitive geopolitical moment with Russia conducting a brutal invasion of Ukraine. Such situations would dictate that politicians exercise a degree of realism and restraint on foreign policy affairs. However, there is no incentive for lawmakers to restrain themselves when they’re caught in an ideological trance. 

Looking at the modern-day Democrat Party is rather instructive. Most Democrats are still convinced that former President Fonald Trump is a Russian asset that was installed by the Kremlin in the 2016 presidential election.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie grasps this, which he noted in a tweet that he posted on May 14, 2022: 

“House Dems want war with Russia because they still believe the false narrative that Russians got Trump elected.”

Indeed, DC’s obsession with war has tinges of ideological fixations and even ethnic grievances behind them. In the latter case, many people of Eastern European or Jewish extraction view Russian leader Vladimir Putin as some neo-Czar who is on the verge of carrying out a brutal pogrom. 

For Democrats, Putin and his government were the people allegedly responsible for denying failed presidential candidate Hilary Clinton the presidency. Never mind, the white working class realignment that took place that year or the fact that Clinton was a uniquely awful candidate.

Nevertheless, Democrats have continued doubling down on this petty grievance to the point of potentially launching the country into a conflict with a nuclear power. This is political pettiness at its worst. 

It’s a sign of how debased our politics have become. Now, more than ever, we not only need realism but also political maturity. Because if the country continues going down this route, the US will inevitably find itself in a catastrophic geopolitical struggle.