Thomas Massie Exposes the “Gun Violence” Canard

Gun control has always been about people control. Beyond emotional appeals, the ctrl-Left strives to undermine Americans’ traditional right to bear arms by focusing on firearms as opposed to the depraved individuals who pull the trigger. The Left has fully exploited the hysteria from the Uvalde, Texas massacre to push for civilian disarmament. 

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie reminded his followers of the uncomfortable framing of the Second Amendment issue in a tweet on May 26, 2022:

“‘Gun Violence’ is part of the language leftists use to shift blame away from evil perpetrators of violence. The term suggests that guns are to blame instead of people, which sets the table for their anti-second amendment agenda.”


There are many inconvenient facts that the anti-Second Amendment Left would like to ignore. For one, many mass shooters come from fatherless households, which creates the conditions for their mental illness. Plus, the US has systematically gutted mental health services for the sake of being politically correct.

Last but certainly not least, the majority of these mass shootings take place in gun-free zones which serve as safe spaces for criminals. 

None of these factors have much to do with guns. It deals with societal issues that create an environment for mass shooters to emerge and policies that enable these maniacs to carry out their atrocities. 

It’s high time we start addressing root causes soberly and realize that getting the state more involved in matters of school safety will only worsen things by leaving our loved ones even more susceptible to the heinous actions of psychopathic murderers.