Thomas Massie Receives the Highest Score on the Republican Liberty Caucus’s Pro-Liberty Index

Most liberty conservatives know full well that Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is the most pro-liberty representative in Congress. The Republican Liberty Caucus, a pro-liberty bloc that promotes libertarian values within the Republican Party, has recently confirmed that. The RLC rated Thomas Massie as the top defender of liberty in its “Top Defenders of Liberty 2021” index.

The RLC gave him a 100 score. Elected officials such as Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs (95), North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop (95), Virginia Congressman Bob Good (95), and California Congressman Tom McClintock (95) followed Massie in the rankings.

In response to the publishing of the RLC index, Massie tweeted on March 27, 2022,”Thank you @RLibertyCaucus for keeping score!”

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The 2021 Liberty index is liberty-centered legislative rating system for the US House. The Liberty Index grades Republican Congress members on 20 bills and votes from 2021 that either promoted liberty or reduced it.

The RLC was founded in 1991 and has been a firm proponent of pro-liberty views within the Republican Party. This is one of the few groups that prevents the GOP from completely embracing a monstrously-sized state and keeps other elected officials honest.

Without groups like the RLC present, the GOP’s leftward drift would only accelerate even further. The Right must recognize the important role watchdog groups play in holding elected officials accountable. Being involved in these organizations is one of the most effective non-electoral ways to change a political environment.