Thomas Massie Reminds Us About the Dangers of Providing Military Aid to Ukraine

Looking at the way Congress votes on key foreign policy legislation, one gets the feeling that DC is firmly devoted to pursuing war at all costs.

The recent Russo-Ukrainian conflict has been demoralizing for realists and non-interventionists who desire a more humble foreign policy.

While the US has not committed to sending ground forces to Ukraine, US lawmakers still desire continuing a proxy war against Russia during its invasion of Ukraine. 

That means all manner of military aid will be dropped on Ukraine. Such moves do not occur in a vacuum nor will they be casually brushed away by the Russians. Providing copious amounts of military aid could have the Russians treat the US and its NATO allies as co-belligerents in this conflict. As a result, NATO assets could find themselves in Russia’s crosshairs.

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Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie may be the only elected official in Congress who grasps the gravity of the present geopolitical situation.

Moreover, he understands that the US is being run by a lifeless vegetable in Joe Biden, who has likely taken leave of his senses and is delegating his foreign policy to the most shrill of the anti-Russia hawks in the regime. 

In a tweet he posted on April 29, 2022 Massie noted the following:

Yesterday (April 28), Congress authorized the President to send any weapon, other than a nuclear weapon, to Ukraine.

Biden has signs of dementia. What could possibly go wrong?

With Biden as an invalid figurehead, fanatic elements of his regime are calling the shots on Russia. It also helps that Congress is practically a uniparty when it comes to the issue of Ukraine. For example, Massie was one of only 10 elected officials, all Republicans, who voted against the updated version of Lend-Lease Act to provide Ukraine with large amounts of economic and military aid. 

It bears repeating, providing military aid is an escalatory action on the US’s part. If it continues this way, this proxy conflict will turn into a direct conflict that will likely have NATO and Russian forces squaring off. This conflict could potentially turn nuclear, which is why the US must defuse it as quickly as possible by pushing for a negotiated settlement. 

Unlike the US’s ill-fated military expeditions in Afghanistan and Iraq, a confrontation with Russia has major league implications. This is one conflict that we should avoid at all costs.