Thomas Massie Sets the Record Straight on Foreign Aid

Foreign aid is back in political discussions thanks to the recent impeachment controversy regarding Trump’s decision to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie offered his two cents on the matter.

In a tweet, he asked “Why does our government send so much of your tax $ to these countries every year?”

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He was referring to corrupt countries such as Afghanistan, which receives $5.7 billion, and developed countries such as Israel, which receives $3.2 billion in aid.

Massie continued by noting that “When it [foreign aid] gets delayed, the establishment cries conspiracy, but I think it’s a crime that it’s sent at all.”

Instead Massie offers another scenario regarding foreign aid:

Think of what it could be used for at home. Better yet, imagine if it was still yours.

Massie’s take on foreign aid is a desperately needed perspective when it comes to discussing foreign policy.

Former Congressman Ron Paul is correct in describing foreign aid as “taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country.”

More often than not, this money winds up in the hands of corrupt political leaders, which in turn props them up and perpetuates political graft.

However, there is a fundamental question in this debate.

Should taxpayers be footing the bill for foreign aid disbursements?

For a liberty conservative, the answer is no.

If people want to stabilize foreign countries, they should band together in the private sector or civil society to create solutions for these countries instead of relying on conventional interventionists schemes like nation-building or foreign aid.

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