Thomas Massie Stands in Firm Opposition to Red Flag Laws

In the aftermath of the Uvalde Massacre that took place on May 24, 2022, every political demagogue under the sun has tried to use this tragedy to justify enormous power grabs and other egregious violations of civil liberties. 

Very few political figures on the political Right have stood up and given principled stances on this matter.

The only exception being Thomas Massie. The Kentucky Congressman can always be counted on to defend the Second Amendment no matter the political circumstances. This lies in stark contrast to the average Republican who will fold to the slightest hint of pressure. 

Massie was one of the few people who was resisting the idea of passing red flag gun confiscation orders. Red flag orders are one of the trendiest forms of gun control that Gun Control Inc is not only pushing for but that also has a significant amount of Republican buy-in. Florida under the leadership, or lack thereof, of Rick Scott demonstrated that in 2018 when he passed a significant gun control package in the wake of the Parkland Massacre. Red flag laws allow for the state to confiscate an individual’s firearms for simply being perceived to be a threat, without any form of due process.

For a strict constitutionalist like Massie, red flag laws are a no-go. In a tweet he posted on May 27, 2022, Massie made this abundantly clear:

Depriving citizens of Life, Liberty, or Property, without Due Process, is a clear violation of our Constitution.

Every member of Congress swears an oath to ‘support and defend’ the Constitution. 

Voting for, or introducing, Red Flag Laws is a blatant violation of that oath.

Red flag laws are not only unconstitutional, but they establish dangerous precedents where any individual can hurl accusations at someone without strong evidence let alone a judicial hearing, and subsequently have their rights deprived.

In such an environment, many people will be too scared to own a firearm, much less carry it for fear of people in their friend or acquaintance network using that info along with a flimsy threat allegation to have their rights taken.

This is what the ruling class wants. A scared and disarmed populace. No doubt the events of Uvalde, TX were a tragedy. However, dangerous gun-free zones policies and the breakdown of community standards allows for deranged murderers to fall through the cracks and easily prey on people. 

Passing more gun control will lead to just more death and despair. 

More good guys with guns and a stronger civil society will do more to prevent these tragedies than the passage of arbitrary laws that infringe on our freedoms.