Thomas Massie Warns About the Entangling Alliance that is NATO

Is the US sleepwalking into a preventable hot conflict?

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, American lawmakers have done everything possible to draw the US into a conflict with a nuclear power.

While some lawmakers have said that they don’t want to send troops to Ukraine, they still want to pursue escalatory actions such as implementing sanctions or sending military aid to Ukraine. 

The latter is particularly dangerous because the Russian government has signaled its willingness to use force against external actors who drop off military aid to Ukraine.  

So, if for example, a NATO member like Poland gets attacked, the United States would be obligated to go to war with Russia over Poland. 

Same logic applies to Baltic states.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is one of the few elected officials who understands what’s at stake. Moreover, Massie grasps the constitutional implications of the U.S. launching itself into a war through NATO, an action that is highly dubious on constitutional grounds. 

Massie tweeted on March 17, 2022:

I don’t know who needs to hear this but… No reasonable interpretation of the U.S. Constitution allows a President to commit the United States to war (or acts of war) under article 5 of NATO without a vote of Congress.

The Kentucky Congressman added: 

Even the NATO Treaty itself (Article 11) concedes that its provisions can only be carried out in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.

While this writer will concede that America is in a thoroughly post-Constitutional phase in its history, it still benefits to have voices in Congress that at least point out that the nation is governed by the rule of law not the whims of politicians, foreign policy wonks, or media pundits.

However, the simple case against getting involved in the Russo-Ukrainian War is that it’s not in the American interest and does not constitute a direct threat to the US even if Russia comes out fully victorious. 

The US has two vast oceans, a world class military, and a massive nuclear arsenal that will easily protect it from Russia. Plus, Russia does not have the capacity to launch full-scale military invasions to conquer the European continent, much less the US. 

Fears of Russia drubbing the US are simply unfounded and divert attention away from America’s degenerate ruling class. This is the real existential threat to the Historic American Nation, as seen by its advocacy of civilization destroying policies such as mass migration and wokism.