Trump Administration’s Venezuela Meddling Risks New Proxy War with Russia

US national security advisor John Bolton has taken charge on foreign policy when it comes to Venezuela, along with special envoy Elliott Abrams, to revive the belligerent neocon doctrine of the 1980s. Russia is angry and reportedly sending troops to the crumbling nation as a result.

This has prompted Bolton, who lacks even a shred of self-awareness, to warn Russia against meddling in the world despite the fact that the mustachioed warmonger wants a US presence in every nook and cranny abroad:

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Russia is claiming that they are not sending troops to the region to fuel a proxy war, but rather, as a part of a long-standing agreement with one of their major strategic partners.

“Military experts are there; they are tasked with the practical implementation of provisions of military-technical cooperation agreements,” said Maria Zakharova, who works as a Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, while issuing a video report.

“Russia is not changing the balance of forces in the region and is not threatening anyone,” she added.

The US isn’t buying it. They are enraged that Russian meddling could interfere with their own meddling in the oil-rich South American nation.

“The continued insertion of Russian military personnel to support the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela risks prolonging the suffering of the Venezuelan people who overwhelmingly support interim president, Juan Guaidó,” the US Department of State said on Tuesday.

The US has been pushing for Juan Guaidó to take control. The Trump administration and its allies insist Guaidó is the legitimate ruler of Venezuela despite the fact that he was never elected by the people to be President.

Critics of US foreign policy have warned against a situation developing in Venezuela that could turn out to be another Iraq, Libya, Vietnam or similar US interventionist nightmare.

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul warns that Bolton could emerge as the shadow master for Trump in a similar manner as former Vice President Dick Cheney worked under President George W. Bush.

Although the Russians are playing coy, it is clear that US meddling in Venezuela is exacerbating the tensions between the two nations. Trump needs to fire Bolton, Abrams, and others from his administration before the worst foreign policy mistakes of the 1980s are recreated under his watch.