Trump’s Heroic Stand for Truth After Charlottesville Was His Finest Moment

Neocon establishmentarian Ben Shapiro recently said with of all the things Trump has done – which have included an unconstitutional bump stock ban, supporting a US-backed genocide in Yemen, massive annual deficits rivaling Obama’s most profligate years, and the apprehension of heroic whistle-blower Julian Assange – that he believes Trump’s comments following Charlottesville were the worst moment of his Presidency.

“Now you knew the Democrats were going to use Charlottesville to its fullest effect,” Shapiro said last week while referencing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign launch video. “Of course they were, it was Trump’s lowest moment of his Presidency.”

“I am loathe to re-write history in favor of President Trump,” Shapiro said in a nauseatingly arrogant comment typical of the weaselly Iraq War cheerleader.

However, Ben was, in fact, re-writing history to spin his ‘Never Trump’ agenda. Trump’s comments following Charlottesville can be seen here in their full context:

While most politicians would have avoided the inconvenient truth about what really happened in Charlottesville, Trump said what needed to be said. He refused to throw right-wing activists, who came to a lawfully-permitted rally to protest a cultural genocide, under the bus out of political convenience.

Would have Shapiro’s preferred candidates in 2016, like Ted Cruz, Mario Rubio, and Low Energy Jeb Bush, have behaved in this manner? Of course not. They would have read what their political hack masters wrote for them off of a script. Trump does not operate in this way; never has, never will.

The most pathetic thing about Charlottesville is how so few individuals in the official conservative and libertarian movements will acknowledge what really happened. It was a leftist-promulgated ambush, putting thousands of individuals in danger needlessly, just so the death cult that is the modern Democratic Party could have some talking points to hammer Trump with come 2020.

An independent audit performed after the fact showed what everyone who watched the horrifying events unfold on livestream already knew. It showed that law enforcement refused to do their jobs and protect the safety. It was done at the behest of the ardently communist Mayor and Vice Mayor of the town.

Wes Bellamy, who served as Vice Mayor at the time and now serves on the Charlottesville city council, is an anti-white racist who is an advocate for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ social justice movement. He spewed racist hate on Twitter regularly before he was elected to office.

“Lol funniest thing about being down south is seeing little white men and the look on their faces when they have to look up to you,” the racist hatemonger wrote.

In another Tweet, Bellamy showed his disdain for the founders of the United States: “Lol people in here calling Thomas Jefferson a White Supremacist….making a lot of valid points proving the accusation. Interesting….”

“I really #hate how almost 80% of the black people here talk white,” he remarked in another utterance of sheer ignorance.

Other nonsense spewed by this disgraceful person include: “I hate seeing white people in Orangeburg,” “White Women=Devil,” and “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE who ACT WHITE!!!”

At “Unite the Right” in Aug. 2017, Bellamy – with the feeble guilt-ridden Mayor Michael Signer in his back pocket – seized upon his opportunity to punish the white people he hated so much. Police were ordered to stand down by the communist city government despite the fact that white nationalists had a lawful permit to organize that day. Their 1st Amendment rights were violated in spectacular fashion, in a taste of what is to come for all conservative activists who attempt to organize if the Left has its way.

The real story of what happened at Charlottesville has been buried by Shapiro and other gate-keepers who lack the courage and conviction to tell the truth about what happened that day. President Donald Trump is not among them. Seeing the facts of the day, he did not choose to lionize ANTIFA out of convenience. He stood for individuals who were there to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument because he knew their cause was just.

Trump’s Presidency, overall, has been a mixed bag, but he proved why he is the leader the Republican Party desperately needs following Charlottesville. As usual, little Ben Shapiro’s propaganda is the opposite of the truth. Trump’s courageous stand following Charlottesville was his finest moment, and it vindicated all of the supporters who put him into office to be a fighter and reject the mendacious status quo.