Tucker Carlson Right: Immigration is a Political Weapon for the Left

With another migration crisis kicking off at America’s southern border, once again the immigration issue has surfaced in US policy discussions.

Right wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson commented on the situation last week and noticed many uncomfortable patterns that ruffled the feathers of his left-wing critics. 

Carlson understands Democrats’ endgame. Giving amnesty to 8 million is part of a plan, to quote Tucker, to “change the country forever and ensure permanent democratic control over our government.” When one soberly reviews immigrant voting patterns, they will quickly see how Democrat efforts to pass amnesty are all about enhancing the power of the Democratic Party.

The cold, hard undeniable truth is that immigration is a political weapon. Democrats know this all too well. It’s their one-way ticket to electoral dominance based on the prevailing voting patterns of nearly all migrant groups, with the exception of Cubans.

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That’s why it’s so important for liberty conservatives and dissident factions within the Republican Party to start railing against mass migration and make it the most pressing issue during the 2022 midterms.

American voters aren’t dumb. They can’t stand open borders and they’re economically hurting right now. Anyone who takes up the mantle of immigration patriotism will strike it rich at the polls. Ultimately, the new Republican Party will be one who promotes the American worker and defends America’s historical core.

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