Tulsi Gabbard Calls for Americans to Reject Military-Industrial Complex Propaganda After Disastrous War in Afghanistan

Former Congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard released a poignant video address urging Americans to learn the correct lessons from the winding down of the Afghanistan war.

“After Al Qaeda terrorists attacked us on 9/11, our brave warriors, special forces, they quickly deployed to defeat Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, they accomplished their mission rapidly and effectively, and that is when they should have returned home,” Gabbard said in a video address following Biden’s troop withdrawal.

“But the elite, they wanted to nation-build, getting us into a 20-year war with no clear mission or strategy causing massive suffering and wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars,” she added.

Gabbard is not optimistic that Americans will reject the same propaganda once more, even after the failure of Afghanistan, because they are so beaten down and helpless from over a generation of the global war on terror

“Afghanistan, the question is this: Will we hold accountable the Elite, the political leaders, the mainstream media, the military leaders, defense contractors, etc. who got us into and kept us in this foolish short-sighted mission to turn Afghanistan into a “democracy” costing us over a trillion dollars and countless lives? Unlikely,” Gabbard said.

“And will we blindly allow the Elite to drag us into new, even more costly military adventures in the name of spreading or protecting democracy? Probably,” she continued.

“Out of Aloha, we weep for the suffering that the elite have already caused. Out of Aloha, we must stop them from causing even more,” Gabbard stated to end her video address.

Her video address can be seen here:

Liberty Conservative News has reported on Gabbard’s principled opposition to military intervention overseas:

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard issued a message on Memorial Day honoring veterans while blasting the warmongers who send them to die in third-world hellscapes for prestige and profit.

“On this Memorial Day weekend, as we reflect upon & honor those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, let us reject the self-serving warmongers & media propagandists who are now preparing the American ppl for more wars—from Asia/Pacific to Eastern Europe/Russia,” she wrote in a social media post on Sunday…

Gabbard has become reviled by the political class, including the establishments of both major parties, for her willingness to attack the military-industrial complex. Most politicians from both parties remain tight-lipped about the crimes committed by the U.S. empire at the behest of Pentagon officials who are owned by defense contractors…

If America does not collapse into ruin, it will be because leaders like Tulsi Gabbard had the courage to stand against seemingly insurmountable odds. She has emerged to take the torch from Ron Paul and lead the liberty movement for the long haul.”

Gabbard is one of the few voices from either major political party who will stand for peace. She should consider running for higher office again to get the non-interventionist point of view out to the masses.