Tulsia Gabbard Calls out Fareed Zakaria’s Russiaphobia

Tulsi Gabbard has had enough of Fareed Zakaria’s Russia fear-mongering.

According to the Hill, Gabbard is accusing CNN’s Fareed Zakaria to trying to “goad” President Donald Trump “into going to war” with Russia.

In an Instagram post, Gabbard wrote “TV talking heads love trying to goad Trump into going to war w/ Russia. Here’s just one example: Fareed Zakaria is trying to get Trump to prove he’s not guilty of appeasement by going to war with Russia over Venezuela. ”

The video that Gabbard shared was one where Zakaria  said a “real puzzle remains” while also questioning why Trump has not confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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In the video clip, Zakaria said, “Why has Trump been unwilling to confront Putin in any way on any issue? And will Venezuela finally be the moment when Trump ends his appeasement?”

Russian and the Trump administration find themselves in a geopolitical chess-match in Venezuela. Russia supports the authoritarian President Nicolás Maduro, whereas the U.S. supports interim President Juan Guaidó. Big League Politics reported that Russia’s recent decision to deploy military personnel to Venezuela was met with harsh criticism from Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

One of the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential candidates, Gabbard has stood out as the most non-interventionist of the lot. A critic of foreign adventures in Syria and the current State Department’s attempts at regime change in Venezuela, Gabbard has earned herself a considerable amount of criticism from legacy institutions.