University of Texas–San Antonio Removes “Come and Take It” Slogan

Nothing is safe from the iconoclastic woke brigades that are taking over university campuses nationwide. As of last month, University of Texas-San Antonio is in the process of getting rid of its “Come and Take It” slogan.

In an announcement he made, University President Taylor Eighmy claimed that the “Come and Take It” slogan is divisive and has been used by white supremacist and government groups on various occasions. Eighmy stated, “For these and other reasons, this tradition may no longer reflect its originally intended purpose of rallying football fans and is not reflective of our university, our founding mission and our collective values.”

The university is now setting up a “task force to explore” new traditions in order to replace the battle cry of “Come and Take It.”

The “Come and Take It” slogan was birthed during the Battle of Gonzales, when Anglo-settlers in Texas did not comply with the Mexican government’s demands to hand over a cannon. From there, Texans have used the slogan to celebrate their freedom-oriented political heritage.

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The decision by UTSA to get rid of its “Come and Take it” slogan is part of a gradual effort to retcon Texan history to create a new pro-Mexican narrative that downplays Anglo-Texan contributions in the formation of the modern state of Texas. From a big picture perspective, such an anti-Texan narrative will lead to the ultimate dispossession of Texan culture. In turn, this will usher in a multicultural environment that extols the virtues of Mexican and other non-European cultures while downplaying authentic Texan culture and other European cultures that helped shape it. 

Liberty conservatives should come to grips with the fact that university institutions are some of the biggest proponents of the erasure of American history. Unless one is pursuing a degree that puts them on the path to a lucrative profession, they should avoid universities as much as possible. Their wallets and political sanity will thank them for that.

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