University of Wisconsin Madison Spent $12,750 to Promote Anti-White Author

The University of Wisconsin Madison hosted Robin DiAngelo, the author of the explicitly anti-white book “White Fragility”, as part of its 2020 Diversity Forum.This virtual event took place on October 27 and 28. It was titled “The Pandemic Effect: Exposing Racism and Inequalities.” It was finished off by a keynote speech by Austin Channing Brown, author of New York Times bestseller “I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness.”

According a to a UW-Madison spokesperon, DiAngelo received $12,750 in compensation for her talk, which lasted three hours. This talk was one part of a broader forum that the university played on its webcast.

Jackson Walker of the College Fix reported that there were additional diversity forum events such as interactive breakout sessions covering certain subjects such as “Niceness is not anti-racism,” “witnessing whiteness at UW-Madison,” “ableism interrupted” and “liars, cheaters and short-haired girls: lessons on gender identity, discrimination, microaggressions and beyond.”

The forum took place during the “Rise Up Week” at the university, which was a week-long event focused on identifying the root causes of systemic racism and putting the spotlight on the Black Lives Matter movement.

DiAngelo’s talk, “Seeing the Racial Water,” received 3,300 viewers according to a campus spokesperson. The author highlighted the problem of racism as one of the numerous “systemic” forms of discriminatory acts taking place in contemporary times, in addition to sexism and ableism.

She also said white viewers should be aware that their viewpoints are uninformed due to their collective lack of intensive study on the subject of racism.

“If you are white and you have not devoted years of sustained study, struggle and focus on this issue, you will have opinions that will be uninformed and superficial,” DiAngelo declared during her talk.

According to the university’s website, DiAngelo’s presentation served to “describe the way race shapes the lives of white people, explain what makes racism so hard for white people to see, and the concept of white fragility that prevents us from moving towards greater racial equity.”

The university’s website noted that DiAngelo’s speech was recorded but was not made available to the public. According to a contract she has signed with another public university, DiAngelo stated that she “does not consent to having her presentation filmed, whether for archival purposes or later broadcast.”.

Lately, DiAngelo has been active speaking at other universities. This fall DiAngelo was hired by the University of Connecticut to hold a 3.5 hour workshop for administrators. She received $20,000 in compensation.

Based on these pay disclosures, DiAngelo’s speaker fee rate appears to be around $6,000 per hour.

The fact that DiAngelo is a high profile speaker just shows how degraded American political discourse has become in recent years. DiAngelo has every right to express her toxic views, but she should be met with opposition every time she goes to universities and spews out anti-white venom. We can no longer afford to remain silent in the face of people who purposely try to sow division and tear our country apart.