University of Wisconsin System Overwhelmingly Donates to Democrats

A report by The College Fix indicates that 98 percent of political donations coming from the University of Wisconsin System are directed towards the Democratic Party.

Specifically, these donations were given to federal candidates in the last two years.

The faculty of University of Wisconsin’s 13 four-year colleges and 13 two-year colleges contributed $944,318 to Democratic candidates during the 2020 election cycle. On the other hand, Republicans only received a measly $20,147, according to Federal Elections Commission data.

$205,407 in donations went to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, whereas Republican Donald Trump raised just $7,506.

Wisconsin will be a state the entire country will be watching with interest given how Trump won it by a total of 22,748 votes in 2016. At the moment, Biden is leading Trump by 4.6 points according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls. Obviously, these polls should be taken with a grain of salt.

Christian Schneider of The College Fix compared the level of contributions that Democrats received in 2016 to those they received in 2020:

The 2020 numbers suggest a shift toward Democrats in a system that was already heavily liberal. In 2016, Democrats earned 95.6 percent of the faculty contributions to federal candidates. Four years ago, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raised 97.6 percent of the money given to the two major presidential candidates.

Clinton raised a total of $167,325 from University of Wisconsin faculty, short of the $205,407 Biden has already raised.

On previous occasions, The Fix has reported that 92 percent of faculty donations in Ohio, 96 percent of faculty donations in Pennsylvania, 94 percent of faculty donations in Michigan, and 89 percent of faculty donations in Florida were sent to Democrats.

No doubt America’s education system is in the tank for the Left and Democratic Party elected officials. Conservatives may need to think twice about giving university’s more of their hard-earned money, especially if they have skills that can be attained without going to college or work in a field that is not dependent on having college degrees.

In this increasingly hostile political environment, there is no reason for conservatives to be giving their enemies money.