[VIDEO] Deranged Leftist Candidate Burns National Right to Work Letter to Virtue Signal her Forced Unionization Views

Congressional candidate Heidi Sloan made her position on right-to-work laws clear on January 23, 2020.

After receiving a letter from the National Right to Work Committee, Sloan proceeded to burn the letter in a video.

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In Sloan’s view, right-to-work laws limit “progress”, “freedom”, and good working conditions for the working class.

According to her campaign website, Sloan is positioning herself as a pro-working class candidate that is championing progressive ideals from Medicare for All to LGBTQ “Liberation.”

Right-to-work laws are already active in 27 states. These laws reassert the sacred principle of the freedom of association and allow workers to freely decide to join a union without coercive action.

These policies not only defund politically connected unions but also foster a more dynamic environment for workers. Right-to-work states tend to beat union states in private-sector job growth performance and in disposable income increases for workers.

What Sloan and other pro-unionization boosters won’t tell people is that forced unionization enriches union bosses at the expense of rank-and-file union members and non-unionized workers.

Sloan is currently running for Texas’s 25th congressional district and a victory by her could be the first step in undermining some of the policies that made Texas one of the most economically dynamic states in the country.

Liberty conservatives should give her the cold shoulder in the 2020 elections.

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