Viktor Orban Calls on Mass Migration to be Stopped

While the West implodes due to its embrace of multicultural lunacy, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stands out as a beacon of national self-pride and rationality. 

As of now, there’s nothing to suggest that Orbán has deviated from his course. During a roundtable discussion on September 1 at the International Strategy Forum (BSF) in Bled, Slovenia, the Hungarian prime minister told leaders that “migration must be stopped” as a means of defending European identity from hordes of foreigners who don’t share the same culture and values 

At this forum, Orbán stressed that mass migration from Islamic countries would not address Europe’s demographic decline.

“We do not need outsiders, because they are changing the composition of European societies, the cultural image of Europe, the Christian, family-based system,” Orbán stated.

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The Hungarian Prime Minister is of the view that migration creates social instability, increases crime, and amplifies terrorist activity. Orbán declared that “migration must be stopped.” 

Orbán is notorious for pressing the European Union to devolve more power back to its member states on matters of border control. The Hungarian leader is of the view that a federalized manner in handling the problem could make matters worse.

Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News previously highlighted that “as part of an effort to reduce reliance on migration, Hungary passed a policy in 2019 that rewarded married couples with a loan of €30,600 that was completely forgiven after they had three children.”

Orbán is well aware of the demographic doom that Europe is currently facing and has described Europe’s demographic decline as a “sickness”. In addition, Orbán declared that population replacement via mass migration represents a form of  “demographic suicide.”

At the same forum, the populist leader said that the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan would spur another mass migration crisis. Orbán might actually be onto something. 

Unlike its fellow member states in the EU, Hungary has distanced itself from the mass migration insanity that engulfed the West starting in the refugee crisis of the mid-2010s.

Orbán is an unapologetic defender of the Hungarian Historic Nation. He has not only stood up for his country’s integrity and defense from hostile cultures, but has declared that Hungarian minorities in Hungary’s neighbors such as Romania and Slovakia are citizens of Hungary. Similarly, Orbán has called for the Ukrainian government to grant its Hungarian minority populace autonomy. 

On the geopolitical front, Orbán is a savvy actor. The Hungarian leader has practiced a policy of equidistance with Great Powers like Russia and China much to the chagrin of Brussels and the United States. Hungary is a member of NATO, but it works cleverly to get the best deals from relevant Great Powers and does not blindly commit itself to just one side. That’s the way any country should navigate the ever-changing geopolitical waters that the new era of multipolarity is marked by.

Orbán ultimately gets it and most of the West should take his statements and acts of statecraft seriously. The guy is no amateur.

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