Voters Don’t Trust The Biden Administration on National Security and Economic Issues

In a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, 34% of Likely U.S. voters gave the Biden Administration excellent or good marks for the way it has tackled national security matters.

This represents a 4% decrease from August, when only 38% of voters rated Biden’s handling of national security matters positively. This was during the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

50% of voters rated Biden’s handling of national security poorly. This marked a 2% increase from August, when those numbers stood at 48%.

Voters gave Biden even poorer marks on the economy, with just 32% giving him excellent or good ratings for the way he’s managed the economy. On the other hand, 55% gave him a poor rating. 

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This represents a declining base of support for the Biden administration. Back in October, 51% of voters gave the Biden administration poor marks on economic issues.

Biden’s economic and national security scores are worse than his predecessors — Donald Trump and Barack Obama. What’s more, Biden’s ratings are lower than these two leaders’ lowest scores. 

For example, Donald Trump’s lowest ratings for the way he handled the economy (44% poor) and national security (47% poor) were in July 2017. 

In former President Barack Obama’s case, his worst score on the economy was 51% poor in August 2011, while Obama’s nadir for national security was 47% poor in January 2016.

Overall, Americans are losing trust in the Biden administration at a precipitous rate. Since the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan, Americans have grown anxious about national security concerns. Especially, when the Biden administration has made it a priority to resettle so-called Afghan refugees.

On top of that, the Biden administration has done little to promote a rational re-opening of the American economy. While the U.S. has not implemented a national lockdown policy or vaccine mandates, the Biden administration has done little to put the medical technocracy in check. 

This should make it easy for Republicans to win the 2022 midterms. Long-term, however, Republicans will need to actually deliver tangibles that liberate Americans from the grasp of the managerial state and weaken the Left.