World Health Organization Claims that Contaminated Cash May Spread Coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently advised people to wash their hands and quit using cash if possible.

The health authority argues that paper bills may help spread coronavirus.

WHO informed the Telegraph on Tuesday that people using cash bills should consider conducting transactions with contactless payments instead because coronavirus (Covid-19) can potentially cling to the surface of paper bills for numerous days..

The Telegraph article noted that the Bank of England recognized that cash can carry bacteria or viruses. It urged people to wash their hands regularly.

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Last month, both China and Korea initiated the disinfestation and isolation of used banknotes as part of their attempts to keep the virus from spreading.

Officials used ultraviolet light or high temperatures to sanitize the bills. Afterwards, they sealed them for 14 days, before bringing them back into circulation.

It’s still hasn’t been determined how long the coronavirus can survive outside the human body. However, it’s presumed that the virus can remain on inanimate objects for up to nine days at room temperature.

Money, similar to other objects like doorknobs, handrails, phones, and credit cards, can carry the bacteria or viruses.

Although nothing else has been recommended for combatting the spread of the coronavirus, these recommendations to eschew the use of cash could be construed as an effort to bring about cashless society measures.

It’s no secret that political elites want to ban cash.

With a crisis like the coronavirus outbreak occurring, political elites can capitalize on the situation to move forward certain aspects of their agenda to control people’s behavior.

History has shown that politicians will exploit any crisis to expand the size of government and intrude into other facets of people’s lives.

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