Young Americans for Liberty Scores Victories at the State Level

Although results are still coming in for the 2020 election, groups like Young Americans for Liberty have had solid successes so far in the 2020 election cycle.

In 2020, YAL scored 119 victories and only suffered 29 losses. Not bad at all for the grassroots conservative organization. This represented a twofold increased from previous electoral efforts, in which they won 56 seats. This brought YAL’s victory total to 175, which is 70 percent of the 250 legislator goal that YAL has in mind for their Win at the Door program. Similarly, YAL knocked on 1,400,986 doors during the election cycle, bringing their all-time total to 2,934,550.

YAL’s Operation Win at the Door program was launched back in January 2018. Instead of focusing on federal elections, YAL took a more unconventional approach by focusing on state legislatures to effect political change. The overall goal of YAL’s program is to elect 250 legislators who are firm in their commitment to liberty. They will accomplish this by sending teams of young political activists to campaign across the nation by knocking on doors and interacting with voters.

This kind of politics, while not flashy, is what ultimately builds winning electoral strategies. The fact is that the political establishment didn’t build itself overnight. It started locally and proceeded to take over state governments over time. Eventually, they reached critical mass and became a force at the federal level. Progressives and similar movements took decades using this strategy.

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Liberty conservatives would be wise to look at similar successful models and replicate them for their own political projects. Having the right ideas is not enough to win in the political arena. We must have the right tactics and strategies and indefatigable dedication toward our cause in order for us to come out on top. YAL is perhaps the organization with the best model to make this vision for a free society to become a reality.

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