84% of Trump Voters are Concerned About Anti-White Discrimination

After the Left spent the past year blood libeling white Americans, there appears to be a growing fear among white supporters of former President Donald Trump that they’re being disproportionately discriminated against. 

According to a poll released by the University of Virginia and Project Home Fire on October 7, 2021, 84% of Trump voters who replied to the poll said that they strongly or somewhat agree that discrimination against whites will increase in the near future. 

Surprisingly, among individuals who voted for President Joe Biden, 38% held similar beliefs about growing anti-white sentiments. As for whites having advantages over non-whites, 38% of Trump supporters are in agreement with this belief. 45% of Trump voters agree that systemic racism is a problem.

Trump supporters overwhelmingly believe that Christianity is also under attack in America. 84% expressed that they strongly or somewhat agree that Christianity is “under attack.”

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“American racial and ethnic politics have reached their breaking point,” the report observed. 

“On the one side, Joe Biden voters see systemic racism in America as a serious problem,” the report noted. “Donald Trump voters are on the other side of Biden voters on each of these issues, and by large margins … they worry that discrimination against whites will increase significantly in the next few years.”

The poll was carried out from July 22 to August 4. These findings illustrate a growing amount of racial strife that’s taking root nationwide.

The constant barrage of anti-white hate in the corporate press and academia is beginning to provoke a reaction among legacy Americans. From mass migration that causes economic and demographic displacement to blood libelous curriculum that’s propagated in the education system, the US political class is in fact promoting a systematic demoralization campaign against whites.

The ruling class is aiming for racial conflict as a way to create a classic “divide and rule” scenario where different groups wear themselves out in conflict, while the ruling class gets away with all sorts of criminal activity. The way they will stoke unrest is by pushing Critical Race Theory and destabilizing policies like mass migration.

If national populists fail to take power and reverse the anti-white propaganda in the education system and mass migration policies, the 21st century will be one marked by mass unrest and a total breakdown of the American Republic.