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Paul has Trump's back on the bogus impeachment hearing.
Technology is combating the excesses of the state.
She says we should be grateful to the man who committed the violent ambush attack.
Trump is opposed to the neoconservative policies of endless wars.
The heroic whistleblower's advocate will have an extradition hearing on Feb. 25.
Paul is doing what he can to make sure the pro-intervention resolution does not pass.
The U.S. made an offer to North Korea to reduce economic sanctions if the communist nation made significant steps toward denuclearization at a meeting earlier this month, a Japanese newspaper has reported. The offer came during...
Paul showed a heroic temperament dealing with these ladies.
Paul is calling out the unprecedented farce that is the witch hunt against the President.
Trump says he and the neoconservative senator have strong disagreements.
This liberty candidate is proving to be a formidable fundraiser.
The non-interventionists were right about what would happen following the Iraq War.