Thomas Massie Asks Why Europe Isn’t Stepping Up to Defend Itself

It doesn’t take a PHD in geopolitics to realize that the United States is the world police. That’s been the nature of American foreign policy since the end of World War II. 

It’s a complete deviation from the wisdom of the Founding Fathers who warned about the dangers of entangling alliances and idealistic foreign policy interventions. 

Now, with the Russo-Ukrainian War underway, the US appears to be sleep-walking into a geopolitical disaster. 

The worst part about this entire conflict is how useless Europe has been in trying to find a political solution to it and end the senseless violence. This is the product of the US’s excessive involvement on the European continent, which has bred a sense of dependency among European nations, who should be assuming more of their defense functions. 

In an appearance at Newsmax’s “National Report”, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie commented on the $40 billion aid bill to Ukraine — a bill designed by the Deep State to bleed Russia dry.

He inquired:

“Where are the Germans? Where are the British? Where are the French? Why is the United States paying for the defense of Europe?”

All valid questions. After all, the US has well over 60,000 troops stationed across Europe. When dealing with such a well-developed region such as Europe, the US should consider reducing its presence there and turning over defense functions to these countries. 

Alas, that won’t happen with neoconservatives and neoliberals in charge.  It’s up to liberty conservatives to make the case for foreign policy retrenchment and call for troops to be withdrawn from Europe and other areas not in the Western Hemisphere, which would later be re-deployed at our southern border. 

The only rational foreign policy is one focused on securing the US’s traditional sphere of influence — the Western Hemisphere.