Don Huffines Calls for a Strong Governor to Take On the Current Border Crisis

The collapse at the southern border is one of the worst aspects of the Biden regime that America has had to put up with since he was installed in office in 2020. 

Every day, illegal alien invaders burst through America’s southern border with relative ease. 

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin covered a recent wave of migrants who made their way across the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass, TX. 

In a tweet he posted on May 16, 2022, Melugin stated, “Good morning from Eagle Pass, TX, where we just watched this large group wade across the Rio Grande and cross illegally into the US. Early start this morning. @FoxNews.” 

In a follow-up tweet, Melugin highlighted the following: 

NEW: Our drone video of the enormous group that just crossed illegally into private property here in Eagle Pass, TX 1 hour ago. This has happened here every day in the last week. A TX soldier tells us there have been 2,000+ crossings in this specific spot in last 8 days. @FoxNews


Former Texas State Senator Don Huffines quote tweeted one of Melugin’s tweets. He tweeted, “Joe Biden is not going to stop this. Our only hope is a courageous Governor.”

Huffines’ comment represents a subtle jab at Texas Governor Greg Abbott. During his gubernatorial campaign, Huffines ran to the right of Abbott on immigration matters. Huffines believes that the state government, not the federal government, was the entity capable of tackling the issue of mass migration. On the campaign trail, Huffines promised to activate the National Guard, Texas military forces, and other state law enforcement units to strengthen the border. 

For his part, Abbott implemented Operation Lone Star to address the crisis at the border, albeit with mixed results. Regardless, the pressure from Huffines did compel Abbott to act in some respect. However Huffines is correct in noting that Texas needs better leadership at the Governor’s mansion for it to truly tame the mass migration onslaught. 

Ultimately, patriotic immigration reform will likely come from right-wing state governments. This will be hard but it must be embraced if we want to save our country. 

Huffines should receive credit for shifting the Overton Window on this issue. Now, it’s up to liberty conservatives to continue pushing state governments to take on the immigration question themselves.