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The long-shot presidential contender is exhibiting a tremendous amount of courage to stand with the persecuted whistle-blower.
Potential false flags in Iran and national security officials warning of UFOs are also discussed in Episode #26 of the Liberty Conservative Podcast.
The Hong Kong protests appear to be a soft U.S.-backed intervention against the Chinese government.
Trump says he and the neoconservative senator have strong disagreements.
The White House is pushing for the Orwellian Nightmare.
When President Donald J. Trump announced to the world late last year that ISIS was defeated and the troops would be coming home, he may have jumped the gun - but not by much! ISIS is...
Sen. Rand Paul's very wise counsel seems to be having an effect on the President's mindset.
The GOP does not want a solution on this contentious wedge issue.
This unabashed socialist is incredibly dangerous.
Paul has Trump's back on the bogus impeachment hearing.
Taliban elders traveled to Pakistan this weekend to engage in peace talks, and they have reportedly agreed to a temporary ceasefire contingent upon an upcoming peace deal between U.S. and the Taliban to remove troops...
Trump's State Department is producing pro-Al Queda propaganda and repeating the mistakes of the Obama regime
Big Brother is becoming a reality across the West.
Reports indicate that Trump has not much respect for his national security adviser.
Trump claims showing mercy on Iran was a "sign of strength."
A growing chorus of conservatives and liberals in Congress want to stop the Iran war.
President Donald Trump is pushing to bring troops home from the Middle East, but his own generals are making it very difficult for the commander-in-chief to fulfill his 'America First' mandate. Gen. Joseph Votel, the commander...