The good doctor is getting with the times.
The neocon influence on Trump’s foreign policy can be seen in Venezuela.
Sen. Paul is kicking the neocons while they're down after the dismissal of John Bolton from the Trump administration.
Paul is refusing to play by the intelligence community's rules.
Gaetz believes more Congressional oversight is needed over executive war-making authority.
Trump has not forgotten his mandate to bring the troops home.
A number of America's cities have taken a beating during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Thanks to lockdowns and other draconian measures that have disrupted daily lives and commerce, many cities have witnessed notable economic downturns. According...
Once upon a time, Congressman Ron Paul was castigated by the globalist Republican Party consensus for wanting to talk to foreign adversaries and to extend the olive branch in an attempt to create peace. Those days...
On Episode #17 of the Liberty Conservative Podcast, hosts Rocco and Shane get caught up on the Yellow Vest movement of France. They discuss the progression of the movement over its 21 weeks in existence,...
The military-industrial complex is playing Trump like a fiddle.
Manning continues her steadfast refusal to divulge information against whistle-blower Julian Assange.
Virgil Griffith is being charged with violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.
Paul is responding to criticism from his fellow lawmakers.
Say what you want about President Donald Trump, he’s at least tried making certain nominations for ambassador position that have remained faithful to his original America First vision. One of his notable selections was retired Army...