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The authorities are intent upon making an example of the Wikileaks founder.
President Donald Trump is pushing to bring troops home from the Middle East, but his own generals are making it very difficult for the commander-in-chief to fulfill his 'America First' mandate. Gen. Joseph Votel, the commander...
Trump believed that the human cost was too high to do the strike.
New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently teamed up with Congressman Darren Soto to introduce a national fracking ban in the House. The bill was announced at the end of January, and functions as a companion bill...
Yesterday, the Senate Health Committee hosted hearings on vaccine science designed to stigmatize anyone who has reservations about Big Government colluding with Big Pharma to pump children full of chemical-filled shots. The leader of the corporate...
Gorsuch has made civil liberties' activists very happy with two recent decisions, much to the chagrin of tough-on-crime conservatives.
She may be a socialist, but her foreign policy is quite stellar.
These databases have been cited as disproportionately affecting people of color.
President Trump is intervening in Syrian affairs in a manner that could cause serious blowback against the US in the future
Big Brother is becoming a reality across the West.
Paul is still suffering from complications from the attack.
The Trump Administration may be working to bring troops home from Syria and Afghanistan, which is laudable, but the administration may jeopardize that increase progress toward peace with dangerous moves to destabilize the Iranian regime. While...
Is this really the best use of federal resources?