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Virgil Griffith is being charged with violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.
Republicans and Democrats in the Senate want to keep Western capital out of North Korea.
This is good news for Middle East peace advocates.
President Trump is intervening in Syrian affairs in a manner that could cause serious blowback against the US in the future
Medea Benjamin of Code Pink may be imprisoned for anti-war activism.
Trump claims showing mercy on Iran was a "sign of strength."
The so-called party of principle has gone from irrelevant to disgraceful in recent years.
President Donald Trump has lived up to his promise in Syria, and the world is far safer as a result.
This talking point has been recycled time and again to enflame foreign tensions.
President Donald Trump is pushing to bring troops home from the Middle East, but his own generals are making it very difficult for the commander-in-chief to fulfill his 'America First' mandate. Gen. Joseph Votel, the commander...
Supporters of Greenwald are saying this will set a terrifying precedent.
Keith Wood has appealed his conviction to the Michigan Supreme Court.
Omar has inadvertently proven Paul's point about her lack of respect for liberty.