These databases have been cited as disproportionately affecting people of color.
This globalist oligarch knows where his bread is buttered!
The Senator has placed a hold on certain tax treaties that he feels violate individual rights.
Paul is proud of the President for extending the olive branch toward North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
The GOP does not want a solution on this contentious wedge issue.
Say what you want about President Donald Trump, he’s at least tried making certain nominations for ambassador position that have remained faithful to his original America First vision. One of his notable selections was retired Army...
Trump's libertarian economic policies are helping all Americans.
The Libertarian Party of Nevada is blasting the most successful purveyor of libertarian ideas in history.
Massie is one of the few men with the backbone to stand against the Washington D.C. swamp.
The cast of pro-Trump all stars is attempting a libertarian solution to the emergency at the US southern border
Trump has not forgotten his mandate to bring the troops home.
Isn't Trump supposed to be the peace president?
Thomas Massie has a strong message for the Department of Education. Drop dead! On February 8, 2021, Massie introduced HR 899, a bill to abolish the Department of Education In a tweet, Massie stated “We just reintroduced HR...
Trump's State Department is producing pro-Al Queda propaganda and repeating the mistakes of the Obama regime