The Emboltening: Trump Has Unleashed The Mustachioed Warmonger

President Donald Trump has talked a great game about bringing the troops home, particularly from Afghanistan and Syria. His work in the Middle East and with North Korea is laudable, but he is on the cusp of recreating the horrible foreign policy mistakes of the past in South America.

And there is one man who is primarily to blame: John Bolton.

Trump hired Bolton as his national security adviser because he liked his tough talk and his anti-globalist mentality, but Bolton’s penchant for extreme interventionism is rearing its ugly head. Bolton is using the Venezuela crisis, where ruler Nicolas Maduro’s socialist regime is crumbling, to hijack Trump’s mandate and push globalist regime change. With Iran/Contra villain Elliott Abrams now in charge of Venezuelan affairs, the neocons are back in the saddle to repeat the worst mistakes of the 1980s.

Bolton’s delusions of grandeur don’t end in Venezuela. He was caught doodling about his fantasy to send 5,000 troops to Colombia recently. Now he is focusing on Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega who is apparently the next on blood-thirsty Bolton’s hit list.

Although there is little awareness amongst the highly-propagandized US public, there is a long and bloody history of US-sponsored interventions in South America. Russia Today provided an infographic on their Instagram account detailing the history of US-backed coup attempts throughout the continent.


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We have run out of red ink

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Bolton likes to complain about what he calls the “Troika of Tyranny” – Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba – being a stronghold for socialism in Latin America. However, it is because of imperialists like Bolton that the people of Latin America regularly choose socialism because Western-backed corporate capitalists have caused so much death and destruction in the region with their senseless meddling. This is another example of the blowback that former Texas Congressman Ron Paul frequently brought up while running for President in 2008 and 2012.

President Trump needs to come to his senses and fire this deranged kook Bolton before he creates more blowback against the US that will hurt the nation immeasurably in the long run.