Trump Administration Releases Regime Change Propaganda Against Iran

The Trump Administration may be working to bring troops home from Syria and Afghanistan, which is laudable, but the administration may jeopardize that increase progress toward peace with dangerous moves to destabilize the Iranian regime.

While it doesn’t look like the Trump administration intends to start a hot war with Iran, they are producing propaganda to facilitate regime change in Iran. The US State Department is releasing videos to the Iranian people encouraging them to reject the “corrupt religious mafia” that is the Islamic Republic.

This accompanies a feminist push against the Islamic theocracy where women are being encouraged to drop their Hijabs, show off their bodies, and embrace Western decadence full throttle.

While the Islamic Republic of Iran may be theocratic and exert zero tolerance toward feminism and degeneracy, what replaces that regime could very well may be worse for the Iranians. After all, the Islamic Republic emerged initially to dispose the cruel rule of the Shah who was a puppet of Western powers. The CIA only recently began admitting that these war crimes even happened in 2013:

Dr. Ron Paul released an impassioned comment on Congressional floor over ten years ago, and it sounds like it could have been made today considering the current circumstances:

Reports from 2018 indicated that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had convinced President Trump to avoid regime change in Iran, but with the President’s mercurial nature, that may no longer be the case. Trump must be wise to ignore neocons within his administration such as Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliott Abrams to avoid yet another foreign policy disaster in Iran.