While the US is Doling Out Aid to Ukraine, Thomas Massie Shows How that Money Could be Better Spent at Home

It’s breath-taking to see how out of touch politicians are with Middle Americans’ needs. 

While the United States’ infrastructure is collapsing and its socio-economic bonds are fraying, the parasites in the DC Swamp believe arming Ukraine to the teeth and doling out billions in economic aid in its fight against Russia’s invasion constitute sound policymaking. 

However, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is one person who is not down with DC’s America Last agenda. In fact, he spelled out how depraved the ruling class’s priorities are in a tweet he posted on May 17, 2022:  

“Including the $40 billion for Ukraine we passed in the House last week, Congress will have allocated more money for Ukraine in less than 6 months than Congress typically spends on US roads and bridges in a year (2019, 2020, 2021 average).”

This is what imperial decline looks like. While the US spent billions in blood and treasure abroad in far-off lands, it has ignored its many problems at home.

The US needs political leadership that recognizes that the main problems we’re facing are domestic in character. Focusing time and money abroad takes our eyes off the many problems we face at home.

Continuing this course will turn the US into Rome 2.0 and make America look unexceptional in the grand scheme of things.