Anthony Sabatini Praises Thomas Massie for His Primary Victory

May 17, 2022 was a great night for liberty conservatives. Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie’s resounding victory in the Republican primary in Kentucky’s 4th congressional district was a cause of hope for those of us who believe in limited government, law & order, a restrained foreign policy,  and free markets. 

Massie won his primary race with 75% of the vote and is now set to face off against Democratic rival Matthew Lehman in the general election on November 8, 2022. 

Massie’s victory was well-received by liberty conservative elected officials such as State Representative Anthony Sabatini.

In a tweet that he posted on May 17, Massie stated “CONGRATS to my friend @RepThomasMassie on his HUGE primary win tonight—total blow out! 

Massie is the STRONGEST conservative in Congress—I’m proud to be endorsed by this true America First patriot.”

Sabatini is currently running for Florida’s 7th Congressional district. The Florida representative is one of the strongest liberty conservatives at the state level, as evidenced by his strong support of grassroots legislation such as Constitutional Carry. 

Now, he wants to take that same energy to Congress and join the likes of Massie in promoting limited government, non-interventionism abroad, and protecting traditional liberties. 

Here’s the thing: Liberty conservatives will need to have numbers in Congress in order to change public policy. No man is an island in politics. 

The ruling class ultimately wants us to be dispersed and function as atomized units. Thus, we must band together and pool our talents to combat the statist onslaught. 

The simplest way to do so is by forming single-issue lobbies and similar organizations that get more liberty conservatives elected, which then help facilitate the creation of multi-generational electoral networks. 

In doing so, liberty conservatives will have a vast network of orgs and candidates that will continue to spread the values of order and liberty for decades to come.