Thomas Massie Calls Out Democratic Representative for His Warmongering 

Democrats in the United States House have completely taken leave of their senses.

Still butthurt over the results of the 2016 elections, Democrats have channeled that anger into a geopolitical campaign against Russia. Many Democrats are still convinced that Russia helped install former President Donald Trump in office. As a result, they want to get back at Russia for this alleged crime.

And, yes, they’re willing to risk nuclear war to do so.

The level of foreign policy delusion has been cranked up to 11 with the Russo-Ukrainian War underway. Democratic elected officials along with their cowardly Republican colleagues have been working around the clock to turn the US’s current proxy war against Russia in Ukraine into a full-fledged war.

House Democrats have been the biggest boosters of this proposition. So much so that they’re labeling anyone who dares oppose their provocative plans against Russia as pro-Russian stooges. Florida Congressman Darren Soto, for example, has criticized the 57 Republican representatives for voting against the recently passed $40 billion military aid package. He described them as “Radical Republicans”  who are “increasingly in line w/ Putin.”

In a tweet he posted on May 14, 2022, Soto declared, “We stand with Ukraine, support NATO & will confront Russian aggression.

It’s a battle to protect democracy against authoritarianism.

These Radical Republicans are increasingly in line w/ Putin.

@HouseDemocrats will defend democracy. Every. Single. Time.”

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie immediately responded by stating that “.@HouseDemocrats are recklessly putting American lives at risk by drawing us into a war with a country armed with nuclear weapons. Their policies will prolong the war and cause more inflation and shortages here at home, while enriching the military industrial complex.”

You can count the number of representatives who understand the US’s endgame with Russian conflict on one hand. Massie is one of them. 

Like his predecessor Ron Paul, Massie has generally been on an island when it comes to opposing foreign policy interventionism abroad.

However, it looks like Massie’s bold non-interventionism is gradually shifting public opinion in Republican circles. 

Now there are nearly five dozen Republicans who are growing skeptical of the never-ending wars. This marks a considerable departure from the Bush and Obama years, where Republicans and their neoliberal counterparts in the Democratic Party were completely plugged into the neconservative grid. 

Thankfully, things have changed owing to the rise of the national populist movement within the Republican Party. The Democrat Party is now the unhinged party of war, just like it was from the 1910s up until the Vietnam War. 

The Republican Party seems to be going back to its non-interventionist roots and is becoming a voice of reason on foreign policy affairs. 

However, this process will not happen on its own. Right-wing populists and their liberty conservative allies will need to continue pushing the envelope by punishing and purging Republicans who vote for bad legislation in the primaries. 

Ultimately, bad behavior has to be punished. We can no longer afford to maintain the politics as usual of decades prior.