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The military-industrial complex wants to keep occupying the Middle East.
Paul is making it clear that the IG report does not let the deep state off the hook.
This globalist oligarch knows where his bread is buttered!
A report released by the Washington Post on Monday has confirmed the obvious: officials in the deep state and the intelligence community have been deliberately lying to the public about the war in Afghanistan for...
Mace is running to be the U.S. Representative in South Carolina's 1st district.
The White House is pushing for the Orwellian Nightmare.
The Saudis have caused a humanitarian calamity in Yemen.
Virgil Griffith is being charged with violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.
Creepy robot dogs have been used by Massachusetts state law enforcement.
Trump has appointed constitutional justices to the Supreme Court.
Foreign aid is back in political discussions thanks to the recent impeachment controversy regarding Trump's decision to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine. Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie offered his two cents on the matter. In a tweet, he...
This is good news for Middle East peace advocates.
Is this really the best use of federal resources?
Both parties came together to destroy the 4th Amendment.