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The U.S. made an offer to North Korea to reduce economic sanctions if the communist nation made significant steps toward denuclearization at a meeting earlier this month, a Japanese newspaper has reported. The offer came during...
Paul showed a heroic temperament dealing with these ladies.
Paul is calling out the unprecedented farce that is the witch hunt against the President.
Trump says he and the neoconservative senator have strong disagreements.
This liberty candidate is proving to be a formidable fundraiser.
The non-interventionists were right about what would happen following the Iraq War.
This talking point has been recycled time and again to enflame foreign tensions.
These liberty-minded legislators are sick of the witch hunt.
Paul is making a principled case for non-interventionism.
Massie is one of the few men with the backbone to stand against the Washington D.C. swamp.
Biden was the authoritarian tasked by the Obama regime with cracking down on Snowden.
Trump claims showing mercy on Iran was a "sign of strength."
Harris is attempting to rewrite her record for political expediency.
The neocon radio host clearly does not believe in "America First."
The Department of Motor Vehicles is systemically violating the 4th Amendment.