Thomas Massie Believes Omnibus Bills Should be Banned

America’s national debt currently stands at $30.4 trillion.

These debt figures are testament to how fiscally derelict the American ruling class has grown over the past century. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve and the ratification of the income tax in 1913, politicians in Washington DC have had access to new monetary and fiscal mechanisms to advance their wildest spending dreams. 

It’s no coincidence that the government grew so large in this time period, and looks like it won’t be rolled back anytime soon. 

With the exception of leaders such as Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, there aren’t many elected officials in DC who are willing to tackle the spending monster head on.

Nevertheless, this has not deterred Massie from fighting for fiscal sanity. On May 5, 2022 the Kentucky Congressman tweeted, “​​Omnibus bills should be illegal. 

Congress must go back to passing individual bills to fund the various parts of the government.”

Omnibus bills refer to legislation that spans several diverse or non-germane topics. Omnibus bills bundle together various measures into one document or combine a diverse array of subjects.

Owing to the scope and size of omnibus bills, these bills tend to limit the chances for detractors to carry out substantive debate or thorough research on said legislation. 

Omnibus bills are Trojan Horses for massive spending programs. When politicians aren’t willing to read these bills or debate the merits of them, one can safely assume that all sorts of bad things are bound to happen. 

Massie nails it by calling out omnibus bills and demanding that they no longer be used. These monstrosities of bills are one of the reasons why the US is in such fiscal dire straits. Ultimately, we’re going to need multiple Thomas Massies in the House if we want to see any modicum of sanity brought back to federal fiscal policy.