Thomas Massie Asks an Uncomfortable Question About the Modern-Day Democratic Party?

America is experiencing a significant political transformation where the political coalitions of yore are being re-sorted and new blood is entering the political scene. This trend has been in effect over the past decade.

With the Russo-Ukrainian conflict nearly three months underway, this realignment has only accelerated.

Just look at the vote for a $40 billion military and economic aid package to Ukraine that took place on May 10, 2022 in the United States House. It was passed on a vote of 368-57.

Curiously, all 57 of the elected officials who voted against this legislation were Republicans.

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Not even the progressive Squad voted against this legislation. This weird development prompted Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie to ask an uncomfortable question: 

“Are anti-war-democrats extinct in DC?” 

In addition, he posted a quote he gave to Paul Keane of The Washington Post:

This is the real story. Not that there’s 57 Republicans who’ve woken up to the folly of what we’re doing in Ukraine, but that there are zero Democrats. Every single one of them is on the wrong side of this.

A new realignment is taking place in American politics where the Left has become the party representing the interests of the digital economy, coastal elites, and the national security state. Republicans, on the other hand, represent Middle America, the white working class, extractive industries, and voters who have grown exhausted of the perpetual wars.

The fact is that the anti-war Left is dead. Its legislative behavior speaks for itself. That, not cheap rhetorical appeals, is what ultimately counts.

The future of non-interventionism lies in the populist wing of the Republican Party. It’s up to every liberty conservative to expand the populist wing’s influence as much as possible.