After Visiting San Antonio Refinery, Chip Roy Calls for Deregulation of Energy Sector

It’s no secret that America’s energy sector is over-regulated. Worse yet, America has a political regime that’s not serious about liberating its energy sector. The Biden administration has already demonstrated this with its decision to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. 

With America facing a veritable energy crisis due to a combination of its sub-optimal energy regulations and the geoeconomic shock that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused in energy markets, policymakers are facing the daunting task of trying to bring cheap energy to the market.

Elected officials like Texas Congressman Chip Roy are trying to get to the bottom of these problems. 

Roy’s office tweeted about his visit to The San Antonio Refinery (TSAR) in Texas on April 14, 2022:

Rep. Roy visited The San Antonio Refinery (TSAR) today to learn more about local capacity and the federal regulations impacting small refineries. 

We NEED the United States to be  energy independent and to encourage domestic production of fuel and fertilizer.

Focusing on unshackling the energy sector, and not obsessing over the Russo-Ukrainian War will do more to liberate America’s energy sector. It’s a more productive use of time and resources. So props to Roy for making this visit to stress the importance of energy freedom.

Representatives like Roy comprehend the gravity of energy freedom and why it’s so necessary in a time of heightened geopolitical instability. If America wants to have true national sovereignty it needs to liberate its energy sector and let the best energy sources compete with each other for market primacy.

This entire process will allow the US to achieve energy sovereignty. If the US wants to have a strong national defense, it will first need to get its energy house in order.