ALERT: Sen. John Cornyn Introduces a Backdoor Gun Control Scheme

The National Association for Gun Rights slammed a recent legislative proposal from Texas Senator John Cornyn.

The pro-gun organization notes that “After spending most of the summer fighting the advances of gun grabs sponsored by House and Senate Democrats, Republican U.S. Senator John Cornyn (TX) decided to roll over to their demands, and once again declared his support for gun control.”

The Texas sponsor is apparently sponsoring his own gun control bill, “which appears to be even worse than his “FIX-NICS” gun registry expansion in 2017.”

In an op-ed for the El Paso Times, Cornyn announced that will be sponsoring a gun control bill titled the “RESPONSE Act.”

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NAGR believes this bill is “smoke and mirrors” and would create “nationwide task force” that is dedicated towards spying on, and punishing “law-abiding gun owners who build and occasionally sell their own firearms.”

Building firearms and selling them privately have been legal activities in many parts of America for a while.

The no compromise gun organization notes that “if government bureaucrats see “anything alarming,” such as privately selling a lawfully-owned firearm to a close friend or neighbor, individuals will be placed on a government watch list.”

They also drew similarities to the previously passed “FIX-NICS” list, “where innocent Americans can be barred from buying and owning any firearms – sometimes for life.”

The RESPONSE Act also urges social media platforms and private users to snitch on individuals who allegedly a pose threat to themselves or others. NAGR recognizes that such provisions could “help states with “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws expand their already insidious gun grabs.”

Cornyn’s bill has five co-sponsors so far, Martha McSally, Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis, Shelley Moore Capito, and Tim Scott. All of these Senate Republicans are up for re-election in 2020.

Given their reputation, NAGR will be in strong opposition to this legislation.

Republicans still haven’t learned their lesson that trying to placate anti-gunners with backdoor gun control schemes is a losing strategy. They will only double down in their demands for more gun control.

Cornyn and co. should get the memo.