An Additional 20,000 Haitian Migrants May Come to Texas

According to an NBC report released on September 20, 2021,  20,000 Haitians, currently staying in Colombia,  are expected to reach the U.S.

This comes at a time when thousands of Haitians and other migrants gathered at the southern border. On top of the 20,000 Haitians that are congregating around northern Colombia, DHS is also surveying  Haitian groups of roughly 1,500 in Panama and 3,000 in Peru. A senior DHS official said that it’s still up in the air when and if these migrants will arrive in the U.S. However, these migrants have already started “staging” in several countries, a sign that they could be potentially traveling in large numbers.

According to various media reports, the Biden administration’s deputies are letting thousands of Haitian migrants at the Del Rio landing site enter the U.S. provided that they bring children with them. Allegedly, adults without children are being sent back to Haiti, even if they were living in South America before they made their way to the U.S. border.

Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies, believes that Biden’s policies to let Haitian migrants with children in will encourage more migrants with children to come stateside

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The Haitians “aren’t idiots … they’re rational actors,” stated Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies.  Krikorian added:

They’re people who have a good sense of what they want and what the odds are … [So] if anyone who brings a child with him is exempted from the [deportation] rules, then sending back the single adults only [to Haiti] … is saying [to Haitians] ‘Always make damn sure you have a kid with you, and then we’ll let you go into the U.S.’

John Binder of Breitbart News added one interesting point:

For years, Democrat appointees and judges have offered a quiet welcome for migrants with children while loudly announcing the deportation of single adult migrants.

For example, during 2021, the Biden administration admitted 305,000 migrants and children. On the other hand, only 148,000 single adults were admitted per federal data.  However, Binder pointed to an uncomfortable fact surrounding those figures:

The official data, however, ignores officials’ policy of turning a blind eye to the northward flow of migrants who sneak across the border. The flow of so-called ‘got-aways’ is at least 350,000 — few of whom will ever be arrested and deported.

Haitian migrants are going to great lengths to make their way to the U.S. Some are traveling through the Darien Gap in Panama’s southern jungles. However, this journey is quite brutal, as Binder observes that “many [migrants] are killed or raped by bandits as they are trek northwards the hope of getting the green cards dangled by American progressives.”

Back in September 6, the Wall Street Journal reported on this harrowing trek Haitian migrants are making:

The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders, which provides medical care to migrants in the hamlet of Bajo Chiquito, on the northern edge of the Darién [in Panama], says it has documented 180 cases of rape since starting operations here in May. Panamanian lawmakers who have received similar reports say they are alarmed by what they say appears to be a pattern of sexual violence against women who are en route to the U.S.-Mexico border.

‘What surprises us is the systematic nature of this modus operandi,’ said Owen Breuil, Panama coordinator for Doctors Without Borders. Mr. Breuil said his organization doesn’t know who the perpetrators were. In 70% of the cases, he said the victims, who include children, reported being attacked within Panamanian territory.

Doctors Without Borders medical personnel have reported the attacks to Panamanian authorities. The group believes the true number of victims is likely far higher since many migrants don’t report the attacks for fear of retribution or because they don’t want to slow their journey.

“It’s the cruelty of progressive compassion,” declared Krikorian. “Some people have to be sacrificed for the broader goal …  [of] maximizing the number of people who can get into the country,” Krikorian added.

Indeed, this current migrant influx is a total mess. The U.S. needs to get more serious about immigration and also re-orient its foreign policy. Its excursions in Eurasia have made it ignore the many problems present in the Western Hemisphere. A more realistic way of handling foreign and national security affairs is by centering it around border security and focusing more attention towards partnering with countries in Latin America to stabilize these areas and prevent migrant inflows.