Andy Biggs Reveals that Arizona has the Highest Inflation Rate of Any State

Inflation is the new norm in Biden’s America.

Since Joe Biden took office, his regime has made it a point to pursue as many anti-growth policies as possible — from shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline to maintaining harsh Wuhan virus restrictions. On top of that, the Fed’s loose monetary policies coupled with the supply chain shocks that were caused by the draconian Wuhan virus restrictions have created an environment where too much money is chasing too few goods. The result? Inflation. 

Arizona is one state that has been hit particularly hard by inflation. According to a graphic that Congressman Andy Biggs posted on April 13, 2022, Arizona’s inflation rate is at around 11.9%. The monthly costs per Arizona household is roughly $643 and the annual costs per Arizona household is about $7721.

Biggs tweeted, “While the entire country is suffering from Biden’s inflation crisis, Arizona has the highest inflation rate of any state.

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Joe Biden needs to hit the brakes on his radical leftist policies and reckless spending to allow our economy to recover and prosper.”

Unfortunately for Biggs, the Biden regime will not heed his advice. Instead, the Biden regime will blame Vladimir Putin and Russia for America’s self-imposed inflationary crisis. Democrats have run with the Biden regime talking point of the “Putin Price Hike” to explain away the meteoric rise in gas prices and other essential items nationwide.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a clearly deplorable event, but it does not explain the current economic environment in America. It’s bad domestic policy that has put America in such a precarious economic position. And this policy has been implemented well before Russia’s invasion. 

These attempts to blame Russia for America’s current economic woes are petty forms of Russophobia that are designed to gin up anti-Russia sentiments in the US. From there, it will be easier to sell the public on the idea of getting American involved in a war with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

In a time when so many Americans are hurting economically, the last thing we need is getting the country involved in a conflict with a nuclear power such as Russia. This would be an accelerationist disaster of epic proportions that could create an unprecedented humanitarian and economic cataclysm. 

If the US wants to solve its economic problems, it needs to look inward and start thoroughly dismantling its regulatory state and implement sound money.