Anthony Sabatini Calls for No American Involvement in Ukraine

The majority of Democrats and Republicans have bought into the Deep State’s efforts to fight a proxy war against Russia. However, Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini is one of the growing number of Republicans who is not buying into the perpetual war agenda the DC Swamp is peddling.


The Russo-Ukrainian war has no pressing American interest at stake. In many respects, the US Deep State contributed to this conflict by turning Ukraine into a de facto proxy for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Instead of directly proclaiming that Ukraine would be neutral, the US continued leading it down the primrose path and dangling the NATO carrot in front of it — a move that undoubtedly irked Russia. Moreover, turning Ukraine into an NGO-funded and Deep State-backed (Through weapons transfers and intelligence sharing) anti-Russia project only escalated tensions even further. 

The US already created many of the conditions for this present security crisis. Getting directly involved in Ukraine would be a disaster waiting to happen. 

Any America First patriot worth his salt recognizes that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is not a conflict the US should get involved in. 

America First is about elected officials standing up for American interests and defending the American people. That means focusing on border security, rolling back America’s military presence abroad, and rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Contrary to popular belief, having an over-extended foreign policy is not America First. In fact, it’s America Last, given how most foreign policy moves advance the interests of foreign policy bureaucrats, defense contractors, and nations that bring very little of value to the United States. 

Sabatini is rare among politicians in how he understands that the ultimate function of statesmanship is to pursue policies that serve the American people instead of carrying out policies predicated on buzzwords and lifeless abstractions.

The days of neoconservatism reigning supreme over the GOP are over. Now there’s a budding populist/liberty conservative insurgency that is seeking to take over the GOP. Anthony Sabatini is one of the most prominent of these leaders working to change the GOP and orient it towards a more America First direction.