Arizona Legislature is Considering New Pro-Gun Legislation

A number of pro-gun bills recently received hearings in the Arizona House Committee on Judiciary. These bills featured provisions that would prohibit discrimination against the firearms industry and enhance individuals’ ability to defend themselves. 

Under House Bill 2827, financial institutions would be banned from discriminating against firearm businesses. Anyone who has any grasp of the current political environment realizes that big business across the board supports leftist causes from race-baiting to gun control. Corporate power is the Left’s new avenue to impose its will on Americans given how reluctant legislatures have become in trying to pass gun control. Arizona is still a solidly red state which makes it difficult for gun grabbers to pass gun control via conventional means in the state legislature. 

What HB 2827 does is to mandate banks to analyze firearms businesses like any other business and to take financial risk into consideration as opposed to ideology when making business decisions with ostensibly right wing groups.

The other bill, HB 2840 lets lawful individuals store loaded firearms in locked private vehicles while they are paring on school grounds. The NRA-ILA noted that this bill “ensures that parents are able to pick-up and drop-off students without first having to stop and unload their firearms before driving onto school grounds or deviating from their route to park off-campus.” This bill ultimately takes a bite out of “gun-free zones” aka criminal safe spaces which leave lawful individuals at the mercy of bloodthirsty criminals.

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Another bill, House Bill 2551, would allow for concealed carry permit holders to carry weapons for self-defense at certain public events and public venues. Although Arizona went blue in 2020 at the federal level, its state government remains solid red.

Arizona has been host to the Constitutional Carry revolution. Ever since it passed permittles carry in 2010, over a dozen states have followed in its footsteps.

It is arguably the most pro-gun state in the Union, with rankings of 1st place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s respective rankings for Best States for Gun Owners and Concealed Carry.

Liberty conservatives in Arizona should rely heavily on the Second Amendment issue to galvanize the grassroots and score victories against the Left. To win back Arizona for Republicans, gun owners must be catered to. No questions asked.

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