Before Phony Troop Withdrawal, Biden Regime Shells Afghanistan with Bombs to Fight the Taliban

The U.S. is continuing to bomb Afghanistan even with the supposed troop withdrawal date looming ahead.

The Pentagon launched several air strikes earlier this week against the Taliban in order to help the fledgling Afghan government that is widely expected to collapse when the U.S. abdicates the region.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby was vague on the details when pressed by reporters. He said: “In the last several days we have acted, through airstrikes, to support the [Afghan national defense and security forces], but I won’t get into technical details of those strikes.”

The troops are supposed to be removed from the country by Aug. 31, but the Biden regime has refused to clarify whether or not bombing campaigns will continue after that scheduled date.

“A significant amount of territory has been seized over the course of six, eight, 10 months by the Taliban, so momentum appears to be — strategic momentum appears to be — sort of with the Taliban,” said Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Taliban’s coming dominance of Afghanistan after U.S. troops pull out is being used as an excuse to keep a presence in the region permanently.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on how the fake news media is fear mongering about the Taliban to con the public into supporting this forever war that was lost many years ago:

The fake news media is mongering fear about the Taliban in a desperate attempt to reverse the planned U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

One article, published in the Daily Mail, said that U.S. troops must stay in Afghanistan to protect feminism and the LGBT agenda, as sodomy and forced equality are the only authentic American values which remain.

“Either stoning or he has to stand behind a wall that falls on him. The wall must be 8ft to 10ft high,” a Taliban judge reportedly said about potential punishments for homosexuals.

Other reports circulated by CNN show the Taliban executing 22 “Afghan commandos” who were apprehended by the militant group. The Taliban claims they were only repelling deep state operatives meddling in the country and did not kill the men.

The Taliban released a statement claiming that “the Washington guards, a CIA specially trained special commando who had been pursuing the Taliban in Dawlat Abad, Faryab, were captured alive by the Taliban, disarmed and handcuffed.”

While the Taliban certainly cannot be trusted, the U.S. federal government and lying news media may be even more untrustworthy, and their objections to the removal of troops in Afghanistan is not based on humanitarian concerns. It is instead based on servitude to powerful defense contractors and the rest of the military-industrial complex.”

Biden, who is the consummate empire politician, cannot be trusted to perform a legitimate troop withdrawal. He will continue serving the defense contractors and the military-industrial complex until his time occupying the White House comes to a close.