Biden Administration Imposes More Economic Sanctions on Cuba to Facilitate Regime Change

The Biden administration is imposing further economic sanctions on the nation of Cuba in the hopes that the outside measures will facilitate regime change in the country.

The alleged revolution in Cuba has become a cause du jour for Democrats and Republicans alike as political elites focus on the foreign nation rather than the humiliating Orwellian disaster they are responsible for domestically. Biden has said that this is just the beginning of the sanctions.

“There will be more, unless there’s some drastic change in Cuba, which I don’t anticipate,” he said, adding that his administration would be “expanding our assistance to political prisoners and dissidents.”

Biden has also refused to ease the trade embargo in Cuba, which would make it easier for Cuban Americans to send money to their families who are in need. However, the administration claims they are working on a solution.

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Biden stated that he “directed the State Department and the Treasury Department to provide me, within one month, recommendations of how to maximize the flow of remittances to the Cuban people, without the Cuban military taking their cut.” It remains to be seen whether or not this rhetoric is more than lip service.

Pro-war neocon politicians such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) are relentlessly pushing propaganda about Cuban freedom, perhaps sensing that another forever war may be tenable:


If these bloodthirsty lawmakers get their way, Cuba may end up like Venezuela, another socialist nation that was recently targeted by a U.S.-backed regime change operation.

Liberty Conservative News reported on former president Donald Trump’s foreign policy blunder in Venezuela, which embarrassed America on the world stage and bolstered the fledgling rule of dictator Nicolas Maduro:

The late, great humorist George Carlin once opined: “Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”

With that being said, the incredible bipartisan support of the anti-government uproar in Venezuelan, which is being hailed as a victory for human rights and democracy by the entire political establishment and corporate media, has to raise some eyebrows…

The fake news echoed the official opinion from the top, with only one key exception. Tucker Carlson of Fox News allowed dissident journalist Anya Parapil of the Grayzone Project to dispel what she feels is biased coverage of the developments.

Parapil recently spent time in Venezuela and saw no public support for the US-backed neoliberal Venezuelan ‘President’ Juan Guaido…

Because Parapil once worked for ‘Russia Today,’ no doubt Carlson will be called a Rooskie agent for allowing her point of view on the airwaves.

With such an abysmal record of foreign intervention, U.S. policymakers would be wise to be quiet and let the people of Venezuela make their own determinations about who should lead their nation moving forward.“

The Biden administration should reject the neocons and learn from the mistakes in Venezuela and just stay out of Cuba completely. It is time to let Cuba and other nations of the world decide their own affairs.