Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson Talking About the Great Replacement is Great News for Immigration Patriots

Is right wing discourse on immigration changing?

On an episode of his Fox News show, right-wing commentator Tucker Carlson made a reference to the “Great Replacement”, the demographic replacement of the Historic American Nation via immigration. Naturally, the media lost its marbles upon Carlson’s reference to this development. After a recent surge at the southern border, the ever divisive issue that is immigration has yet again become a topic of national discussion

Tucker made it a point throughout the past few weeks to highlight the veritable collapse taking place at America’s border. But Tucker was not alone in commenting about the recent border drama.

Turning Point USA Founder and President Charlie Kirk sounded off on Democrats’ real immigration endgame in a recent episode of his podcast show. Kirk called on the Texas government to “deputize a citizen force, put them on the border, [and]  give them handcuffs” to stave off the invasion of the country. Kirk absolutely nailed what the Democrats’ political goal with regards to mass migration entails — It’s all about “diminishing and decreasing white demographics in America.”

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Diluting the white vote and creating a reliable electoral pipeline that will assure Democrat victories in perpetuity is part and parcel of the contemporary Democratic Party strategy. And it’s good that people like Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson are beginning to recognize this. 

The work the Groypers have done since 2019 is beginning to pay off. Nick Fuentes and his crew have effectively shifted the Overton Window among Republicans and generic conservatives towards more nationalistic rhetoric and topics that were previously not kosher in conservative  circles.

Kirk is somewhat of an opportunist. People tend to forget that he favored candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in 2016. Nevertheless, nationalist sentiments are so strong that generic conservatives and Republicans can no longer ignore them. To his credit, Kirk is a solid political operator who recognizes trends and knows how to act on them. Part of being successful in politics is understanding the power of trends and knowing how to ride them in order to maintain your position and potentially grow your movement.

Kirk’s embrace of nationalist talking points is necessary if we want our ideas to win out.

Politics is ultimately a cynical game. Figures like Charlie Kirk are ultimately vessels that must be leveraged. Liberty conservatives should disagree when Kirk goes off the plot and agree with Kirk when his interests align with ours. This does not mean we make a binding alliance with him and his associates. At most we make strategic partnerships and alliances of convenience when our interests converge.

As the future of the mainstream Right, Kirk adopting Dissident Right talking points is a good sign that these ideas are gaining traction. The key is that elected officials start acting on these policy demands coming from the populist Right. That’s where liberty conservatives will play a unique role in holding their representatives’ feet to the fire and punish politicians who refuse to carry out our will.