Chinese Mad Scientists Test the Limits of Free Market Orthodoxy

It has been contended by certain observers such as Alex Jones of Infowars that we are currently living in a dystopian nightmare worse than anything prophesied by George Orwell. A recent revelation of unbelievable mad science emerging from China lends even more credence to that dark theory.

Discover Magazine celebrates the “achievement” of Chinese scientists who are now able to turn rats into remote controlled zombies who can be manipulated by the mind power of humans:

I’ll just come right out and say it: Scientists have created human-controlled rat cyborgs.

Lest you think this is some media sensationalism at work, here’s the actual title of the paper under discussion, which came out last week in Scientific Reports: “Human Mind Control of Rat Cyborg’s Continuous Locomotion with Wireless Brain-to-Brain Interface.” That pretty much says it all.

Some of this tech — such as brain-brain interfaces (BBIs) and rat cyborgs — is nothing new in science, so in a way this just a small step in an already existing race. But, put another way: people are controlling rat cyborgs with their freaking brains now. Wirelessly.

It has long been the contention of libertarians and certain conservatives that the free market would solve these kind of problems if unimpeded. With the absence of government rules and regulations, the desires of the people would stop unconscionable abuses from happening is the line. That has not been the case in China though. The lack of oversight has fostered an atmosphere where Pandora’s Box is being ripped open, and we will all have to collectively suffer the unforeseen consequences.

To be fair, China is far from a free market society as it is run by central planners, but there are fewer rules and regulations placed on scientists than there are in the United States. It is why CRISPR experiments involving human gene editing are going full throttle in the Far East with little if any regard for the long-term consequences. As Americans worry about morals and ethics, China rushes headlong into a ‘Brave New World’ and the uninhibited marketplace enables this push.

The He Lab, which is performing controversial gene editing experiments on live babies, released the following video after suddenly announcing what they had done to the world:

“This is criminally reckless and I unequivocally condemn the experiment,” said Hank Greely, director of the center for law and the biosciences at Stanford University, to CNBC reporters. “I was shocked and upset last night when I read the news.”

“Ultimately, I wish the researchers didn’t do it,” he said. “I hope they didn’t.”

Whether we like it or not, China will continue committing these crimes against nature at a staggering pace. Trump’s trade war against China is necessary on so many levels. With the free market completely impotent to stop these atrocities, the tariff can perhaps cut China down to size so they no longer allow these scientific affronts to mankind.