Congressional Candidate Eric Brakey Offers to Host Michelle Malkin Event After Leftist Mob Threatens Other Venues

Leftist hate mobs in Maine have been engaging in acts of commercial terrorism by levying violent threats toward venues planning to host a speech by conservative author Michelle Malkin.

Malkin made the announcement on Friday that a second venue cancelled on the day of the event shortly after another venue pulled the plug on the event after left-wing harassment:

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Congressional candidate Eric Brakey is stepping in and making sure the mob doesn’t win in their organized campaign against free speech. He made an announcement on Facebook that he was willing to host the Malkin event from his Congressional headquarters.

“In the interest of protecting our First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly, I have offered the UMaine College Republicans access tonight for their event with Michelle Malkin one venue the SJW outrage mob can’t cancel — our campaign HQ in Lewiston, Maine,” Brakey wrote.

“Cancel culture has become a toxic stain on discourse in our free society. As Free Americans, we grow stronger by debating ideas we disagree with, not shouting people down,” he added. “These young college students have put in an incredible amount of work to bring Ms. Malkin to Maine, but every private venue has canceled their hosting due to intimidation by an SJW outrage mob. We should not allow Free Speech to be shut down so easily.”

Brakey noted that his campaign headquarters will only be used as a last resort, and other venues with greater capacity are currently being looked at to host the Malkin speech.

“Nothing is finalized. Our Campaign HQ in Lewiston doesn’t have the capacity to hold hundreds — and a larger venue may still become available — but the College Republicans are welcome to share our space tonight,” Brakey explained.

While Brakey’s liberty-leaning views may differ in some areas with Malkin’s hard right ideology, he still stands for her freedom of expression against the leftist mob that is dead set on destroying freedom of speech through acts of digital terror.

“On the Brakey Campaign, we never back down in defense of the constitutional freedoms of Maine people,” he concluded.

Brakey has been profiled extensively by Liberty Conservative News as he has conducted his run for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. He was previously a state senator and ran for the U.S. Senate seat unsuccessfully in 2018.

He hopes to be the Republican nominee to unseat incumbent Democratic Congressman Jared Golden during this year’s general election in November.