Courageous Oklahoma Senator Files Bill to Ignore Federal Gun Confiscation Orders

Oklahoma Senator Natham Dahm has pre-filed a bill, Senate Bill 1081, for the 2020 legislative session. Under SB 1081, the Oklahoma legislature would “occupy and preempt the entire field of legislation in this state touching in any way federal or state extreme risk protection orders against or upon a citizen of Oklahoma to the complete exclusion of any order, ordinance or regulation by any municipality or other political subdivision of this state.”

Basically, only the Oklahoma state legislature could pass any form of red flag gun confiscation order. Moreover, this bill would deem any federal red flag law “which would infringe upon a citizen’s Constitutionally-protected rights including, but not limited to the right to due process, the right to keep and bear arms and the right to free speech, shall be null, void, unenforceable and of no effect in the state of Oklahoma.”

Often times these declarations tend to be symbolic. But in the case of SB1018, there are provisions that make federal red flag laws nearly unenforceable in Oklahoma. The proposal would ban any Oklahoma agency or any political subdivision from receiving federal grants to implement any federal law, rule, or executive order, federal or state judicial order or judicial findings that would effectively impose a red flag gun confiscation order on an Oklahoma citizen.

Additionally, it would impose a felony offense on any individual, including law enforcement officials, who enforce federal red flag laws. Essentially, state and local police would be prevented from enforcing federal red flag gun confiscation orders.

Traditionally, the federal government depends on states cooperating to implement and enforce nearly all of its laws and regulations. By refusing to cooperate with the federal government, state governments and municipalities can effectively nullify the majority of federal elections.

It’s no secret the federal government has been derelict in trying to contain unconstitutional power grabs. In turn, states and localities have had to pick up the slack.

Elected officials like Nathan Dahm are some of the select few who recognize this and are taking the initiative to bring back some sense of ordered liberty to America.

Oklahoma is already one of the most pro-gun states in the country, being ranked 5th place according to Guns & Ammo magazine. Dahm is capitalizing on Oklahoma’s recent passage of Constitutional Carry to push the pro-gun envelope by now entertaining nullification legislation.

The road to liberty is not easy and it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

It is ultimately elected officials like Nathan Dahm, who introduce bold legislation like SB 1081, who will put us back on the path to liberty.