Dan Crenshaw Wants Perpetual War in Afghanistan

As if compromising on gun control wasn’t enough, Congressman Dan Crenshaw is now advocating for perpetual war in Afghanistan.

Doing his best John McCain impression on Twitter, Crenshaw stated that “Before we reactively cry “no more endless wars” we must consider what that means in practice. It means we give them the space and time to plan another 9/11. My former teammates have no problem ensuring this doesn’t happen. We should let them do their job.”

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He was responding to a pieced penned by retired Army General David Petraeus and Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security Vance Serchuk who advocated for a continued presence in the country. After nearly two decades of American forces occupying Afghanistan, there seems to be no clear exit in sight from this conflict.

Although Trump has been in negotiations with the Taliban to try to bring peace to the region, there hasn’t been any concrete move to get American forces out of the country. Trump was elected on an America First platform that emphasized a humble foreign policy and withdrawal from these foreign policy quagmires.

Dan Crenshaw, however, represents the previous political order of non-stop intervention and nation-building aboard. So far, it appears that the status quo is alive and well when looking at Trump administration’s continuation of the Yemeni conflict and its lack of action on the Afghan withdrawal.

Changing D.C. is no easy feat. There will be plenty of pushback and inertia coming from establishment actors both in Congress and in the administrative bureaucracy.

This latest comment from Crenshaw shows that the GOP still needs work and must be reformed along America First lines. Liberty conservatives will have to work hard during the primaries and general elections to get elected officials who believe in non-interventionism and other limited government principles.


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